Fleet Solutions

Innoauto Transport Association provides specialised fleet solutions to the mining, petroleum and construction industries.

Услуга предоставляет клиентам парк новых InnoPickups и / или InnoHaul Trailers и Prime Mover с фиксированной ежемесячной ставкой,,en,дорожный налог или расходы на уборку,,en,микроавтобус рассчитан на надежность, а грубые грубые дорожные условия также доступны для постоянных долгосрочных контрактов с водителем, которые очень подходят для университетов,,en. drivers and all associated tax and holiday related expenses are included and there are no additional servicing, maintenance, repairs, insurance, road tax or cleaning costs required.

InnoPickup Side 4

The vehicles are operated by highly trained professionals ensuring the vehicles are always kept in good clean condition, well maintained, clean and driven with care. Further efficiencies are achieved by the client having their own fuel account.

The new Innocoaster 30 seat bus and the InnoAce 15 seat minibus is designed for reliability and rough rough road conditions is also available on permanent long term chauffeur driven contracts which are highly suited to Universities, Tour Companies, Mines, Corporations and Transport Companies.

InnoCoaster H1