ROBUST 30 SEAT BUS specielt udviklet for pålidelighed og uslebne vej BETINGELSER.

Ultimativ TROVÆRDIGHED, KOMFORT, SIKKERHED, LEVETID, Adgangen til og prisen.


Cummins EQB125-20 diesel engine.
Turbo charged & Intercooler.
Water separator fuel filter.
Hydraulic & Electric radiator fans.
Højere frihøjde.
Stronger leaf springs with boosters.
Dual Off-road shock absorbers.
Polyurethan suspension buske.
Upgrade stålfælge med trim.
Upgraded 750/16 off-road tires.
Dual rear wheels and spare wheel.
5 Speed manual transmission.
Dual-Circuit Air Brake.
Energy storage spring parking brake.
Power steering.
24+1+5 seats.
High roof.
Pneumatic opening doors.
High back reclining seats.
Entertainment system & 17” monitor.
UBS port Phone & Tablet chargers.
Built-in Air-conditioning.
Upgrade Air-conditioning compressor.
Tinted sliding side windows (curtains)
Fire Extinguisher & Hammer.
Tool box & Jack.
Reliable Body (10 years in production).
Manufactured to order.
Any color scheme.
Easy spare parts.

Engine Model: Cummins EQB125-20
Displacement: 3.9
Rated Speed: 2,800 RPM
Rated Power: 92 KW (125 HP)
Max Torque/Speed: 410 N.m @ 1,500 RPM

Experience the performance and reliability of the Cummins EQB125-20 diesel engine. The advanced design is compact, durable and dependable because advanced engineering required up to 40% færre dele end konkurrerende motorer i sin klasse. Dette resulterer i en bedre effekt-til-vægtforhold, less chance of failure and lower repair cost. The turbocharger with wastegate and intercooler optimizes operation across the torque curve resulting in excellent low-end torque. Euro II emission regulation.