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Den Innoauto Transport Association manages the following brands as components of the African Belt and Road Initiative.

African Belt & VejTrans African RailwayRoadrailSearailAirrailBusrail InnoCourierInnoEat,,st,InnoEat,,stInnoTaxi

Busrail has a unique structure, we are a consortium of owner operators, we take pride in our brand new fleet of luxury buses and our valued customers.

There is opportunity for Area Managers throughout Ghana who live in the cities and rural towns of the intended Branch Depots to introduce potential qualified partners. Locations: Click Here

The target market is established companies for 50/50 partnerships, in addition to Bank, Accountancy, Legal Firm & Corporate employees and Teachers for Project School Bus to participate in consortiums.

The opportunities to Joint the Team are as follows:



As an investor or joint venture partner you can participate in the following:

Busrail: Acquisition of CNG City Buses, Luxury Interstate Coaches and Luxury Express Buses in addition to Unique robust off-road InnoCoaster and InnoAce buses to operate Public Transport Bus Services.

Roadrail: Acquisition of specialised Road-train trucks for long term Haulage Contracts for the Mining Industry. Acquisition of GINAF Dump Trucks for long term Operated lease for the Mining Industry.

Searail: Acquisition of High Speed Ferry to operate High Speed Passenger & Cargo Ferry Service. Acquisition of Speed Boats to operate staff and supplies transfers out of Takoradi Port.

InnoCourier: The Acquisition of Delivery Vehicles with an Exit and fixed ROI via Buy2Lease Remittance Alternative.

Airrail og Trans African Railway is a centralised booking service and does not require capital investment.



If you are an experienced driver with references and current Bus or Truck Drivers License you are welcome to complete the form below and we can add you to the pool. Kindly do not reapply and not to expect a reply until the need arises. We also support WiLAT Women in Logistics and Transport.



Innoauto Transport Association has extensive opportunity for Authorised Area Manager to operate throughout Ghana and in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria.

Roadrail: Innoauto Transport Association is in the unique position of having exclusive access to highly specialised and efficient Road-train trucks that provide a significant strategic advantage in long term Haulage Contracts for the Mining Industry. GINAF Dump Trucks are the market leader with over 70 years of research and development resulting in a highly desirable option for long term Operated lease for the Mining Industry.

Target Market: The Mining Industry in Ghana and Nigeria to provide Long Term Dump Truck and InnoPickup fleet Serviced Contract in addition to Long Term Haulage Contract. Institutional Investors starting at $250K to $50M.

Busrail: Provides the opportunity for Institutions, Corporations and Individuals to invest joint venture partnerships to operate Luxury Express Bus Services with unique robust off-road InnoCoaster and InnoAce buses specifically designed for rough roads in rural areas.

Target Market: Transport Companies, Transport Unions, Tour Companies, Corporations and Mines for staff transfers, Universities, Companies and Individuals.

Searail: Intends to operate High Speed Passenger & Cargo Ferry Service in due course. Commencing with Speed Boats that provide staff and supplies transfers to ships in waiting out of Takoradi Port.

Target Market: Corporate and Individual investors to Joint Venture.

InnoCourier: The Acquisition of Delivery Vehicles with an Exit and fixed ROI via Buy2Lease Remittance Alternative.

Target Market: The scope here for income generation is unprecedented. Ghanaian Diaspora sent US$2,000,000,000 to family and friends every year and fees can exceed 25%. Nigerian Diaspora sent US$22,000,000,000 to family and friends every year. Buy2Lease has NO FEE CHARGE and furthermore pays an additional 48%. Huge opportunity to establish networks through local Churches and through Diaspora Churches and Business Networks in USA, UK & EU. Very high commissions available and massive scope for Churches to make hundreds of millions of dollars per annum by merely assisting their congregation.

If you would like to Join The Team as an Authorised Agent kindly complete the following:


Kindly reply providing your full contact details and a full description of yourself, your company if applicable and adequate information on your intentions. Please note that this is a full time position.

  • Reason for Contact:

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  • Kindly provide a brief covering letter describing what opportunity or opportunities that you are interested in marketing and what is your marketing action plan. For example, what is your plan to market the opportunity, what is your target market and where are they located and how do you intend to contact them. Kindly include a corporate headshot photo and confirm that you intend to do this as a full time position and that you have the financial resources to do it.

    Note that there are no advertising costs as advertising is not permitted. The marketing model is through face to face discussions and social media by invitation only to the target market.

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Marketing by social media and target market personal invitation only.
ZERO misrepresentation, only text from the websites or what is provided can be used verbatim.
No names are to be advertised.
No prices are to be advertised
Authorised Area Managers that are listed on the website are permitted to market the opportunities.
No money or payments whatsoever is to be taken by Area Managers.