GINAF 3 For Rent

GINAF Dump Trucks

    GINAF equipment provides reduced transportation cost in a safe and productive manner. Benefit from extreme high payloads, combined with compact fuel saving drivelines, easy maintenance access and smart operator assistances

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Axor3340-4 For Rent


    Fleet of 2014 Mercedes 3340 K tipper trucks in excellent condition available to long term maintained haulage contract.   Weitere technische Daten Hubraum 11967 cm³ Achsen 3 Radformel 6×4 Hydraulikanlage

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InnoAqua3 For Rent


    Robust go anywhere high volume water manufacturing.
InnoFire For Rent


    The world’s most advance remote fire fighting equipment.
Caterpillar 325DL Excavator For Rent

CAT 325DL Excavator

    We have a comprehensive range of earth moving and construction equipment on the ground in Ghana that is readily available. Kindly advise us of your specific requirements, if you would

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Ford F150 Pickup For Rent

Ford F150 Pickup

    We have access to ex fleet F150 Pickup Trucks in good presentable condition that can be made available on fully maintained long term lease. Available to Mines and Construction Companies

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InnoMAN 3 For Rent

InnoMAN 540Hp

    InnoMAN is manufactured using 100% MAN Technology with off-road modifications specified by Innoauto specifically to service the mining industry. The Diesel engine, completely Germany MAN technology and standard,540HP 2500Nm, Euro

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InnoTipper 68.8 H For Rent

InnoHaul 48

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IA_02 For Sale


    Specifically designed for harsh Africa conditions, the InnoCoaster 18 seat bus is engineered for reliability and rough road conditions. Specifications as follows: Reliability:  The most common cause of vehicle downtime

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InnoHaul 60 For Rent

InnoHaul 60

    Measurements (Outside/Body inside) – Length, mm 16 800/14 860 Width, mm 2 550/2 412 Height, mm 3 750/1 900 Weights – Kingpin load, kg 32 000 Axle load, kg 1st

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Taxi 2 For Rent


    We have access to ex fleet Hyundai YF Sonata in good presentable condition that are available in either petrol or LPG. These specialist Taxis can be made available on fully maintained

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InnoCourier Bike 2 For Rent


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parts For Rent

Spare Parts

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cummins-isde230-30,f335a851 For Rent

New Engines

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Used engine c For Rent

Used Engines

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Innotraveller For Sale

Innotraveller AWD

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Innotraveller4 For Rent

Innotraveller AWD

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Innotraveller 3 For Rent

Innotraveller AWD

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InnoCoaster For Sale


    The ultimate in reliability, comfort, safety, longevity, accessibility and affordability.  Passive and Active Dealerships in Ghana are available. Cummins EQB125-20 diesel engine. Turbo charged & Intercooler. Water separator fuel filter.

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IAS_06 For Sale

InnoAce School Bus

    Designed to be a reliable and affordable solution for Schools, Colleges and Universities.