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Property Description

Specifically designed for harsh Africa conditions, the InnoCoaster 18 seat bus is engineered for reliability and rough road conditions. Specifications as follows:


The most common cause of vehicle downtime is fuel contamination, what happens if you put contaminated fuel in a brand new Toyota Hiace? It stops, and significant associated costs are experienced. What happens if you put contaminated fuel in an InnoAce? Nothing, it does not stop because it has an industrial grade water separator fuel filter.

What happens when a brand new Toyota Hiace drives over nails on the road? It stops, and more downtime, expense and inconvenience is experienced. What happens if you drive over nails in an InnoAce? Nothing, it does not stop because it has advanced puncher proof technology tires. This also significantly increases driver and passenger safety.


Robust InnoAce is built tough for long service life. The body is processed through a sophisticated fully mechanised pretreatment system that involves full immersion pre-treatment, Parkerising and cathode electrophoretic coating. A high quality long lasting finish is achieved by a fully automatic flow lines coating machine. All the paint and parkerising liquid used is from world famous brand as Germany Henkel and USA PPG to ensure the finished van will not even start to corrode for at least ten years.

There are many longevity features engineered into the vehicle ranging from the Cummins Diesel to the virtually indestructible long life truck wheels and tires. Standard tires that are used on rough roads are destroyed quickly and are susceptible to blow out, whereas the commercial grade truck tires provide long life cycle and significantly increases safety as the vehicle is very firm on the road.


There are dozens of unique specifications designed into the InnoAce bus such as a reengineered off-road suspension. Featuring off-road shock absorbers, heavy duty sway bar and suspension springs provide a far superior ride comfort in rough road conditions. Slightly higher ground clearance improves accessibility and reduces under carriage damage.

The Interior features a full head height roof and high back reclining seats for an unprecedented passenger comfort experience. Reliable Air Conditioning is an important consideration in Africa, InnoAce features an upgraded industrial compressor for ultra reliability and superior performance.

The ultimate in reliability, comfort, safety, longevity, accessibility and affordability.

Cummins ISF2.8s4129V diesel engine.
Turbo charged & Intercooler.
Water separator fuel filter.
Hydraulic & Electric radiator fans.
Высшее дорожный просвет.
Off-road shock absorbers.
Реконструкция стальные диски с планки.
Upgraded 750/16 truck tires.
Spare wheel.
5 Speed manual transmission.
Dual-Circuit Air Brake.
Energy storage spring parking brake.
Power steering.
17+1 seats.
High roof.
Pneumatic opening doors.
High back reclining seats.
Entertainment system & 17” monitor.
UBS port Phone & Tablet chargers.
Built-in Air-conditioning.
Upgrade Air-conditioning compressor.
Tinted sliding side windows (curtains)
Fire Extinguisher & Hammer.
Tool box & Jack.
Reliable Body (10 years in production).
Manufactured to order.
Any color scheme.
Easy spare parts.


Engine Model: Cummins ISF2.8s4129V
Displacement: 2.8
Rated Power: 92 KW (125 HP)

Cummins ISF2.8s4129V

InnoAce does not use a standard passenger vehicle engine, он оснащен превосходным дизельным двигателем Cummins ISF2.8s4129V промышленного класса, спроектированным для коммерческих применений, для обеспечения высокой производительности и надежности,,en,Дизельный двигатель имеет самый высокий тепловой КПД,,en,эффективность двигателя,,en,любого практического внутреннего или внешнего двигателя внутреннего сгорания из-за его очень высокого коэффициента расширения и присущего скудного ожога, который позволяет рассеивать тепло от избыточного воздуха,,en. The diesel engine has the highest thermal efficiency (engine efficiency) of any practical internal or external combustion engine due to its very high expansion ratio and inherent lean burn which enables heat dissipation by the excess air. Небольшая потеря эффективности также избегается по сравнению с двухтактными бензиновыми двигателями без непосредственного впрыска, поскольку несгоревшее топливо отсутствует при перекрытии клапана, и поэтому топливо не поступает непосредственно от впуска / впрыска в выхлопные трубы,,en,Низкоскоростные дизельные двигатели,,en,как используется в судах и других применениях, где общий вес двигателя относительно неважен,,en,может иметь тепловой КПД, превышающий 50%. 2.8L,,en. Low-speed diesel engines (as used in ships and other applications where overall engine weight is relatively unimportant) can have a thermal efficiency that exceeds 50%. The 2.8L 4 цилиндровый двигатель оснащен воздухозаборной формой турбонагнетателя и промежуточного охладителя и оснащен генератором Common Rail с непосредственным впрыском под высоким давлением,,en,HP и впечатляющий стандарт эмиссии евро,,en,Cummins,,en,ISF2.8s4129V,,en,дизельный двигатель,,en,Внедорожные амортизаторы,,en,грузовые шины,,en,Запасное колесо,,en,Cummins,,en,2,8,,en,InnoAce не использует стандартный двигатель пассажирского автомобиля,,en 129 HP and impressive Emission Standard of Euro 4.

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October 2021