How to Choose The Best Air Horns for You?

Letha Kutch
Letha Kutch Last Updated: Aug 21, 2022


Most honking kits come with an air compressor, however, you can also purchase stand-alone compressors with ease. The available air horn kits range widely in size, so make sure you check out component measurements to ensure that it is suitable for your application. If you are planning on connecting your air horn to a compressor system used for something else, be sure the compressor is a 100% duty-cycle compressor. Multi-purpose Air: If you plan on using your air system for things besides airhorns, like tire inflation or air tools, then it is recommended that the air compressor is 100 percent (continuous-duty) duty.


Both your tanks and compressors will dictate what you are allowed to use the air system onboard for. The amount of air stored in the tank will determine how long you can keep a blower running until you need to fill up your tank. Just remember, larger training horns such as Nathans AirChimes will consume much more air. With the help of a high-powered air compressor, the Kleinn Air Horns are recommended for really loud sounds and longer pipes.


The Air Horns may feature one to five trumpets, producing a wide variety of sounds. Double-trumpet-shaped horns are quite loud as well, reaching as high as 150 decibels (dB). The Turbo Super Loud Train Horns Kit is a quad-trumpet pneumatic air horn system that produces 150 decibels of sound. Officially Pro Blaster Triple Air Horn System, Viking Horns V101C includes a horn, compressor, and tank.


Suitable for trucks, SUVs, boats, and trains, this product is one of the most compelling options in the market, pairing high-volume sound with an easy install process built around excellent value. Some of the more user-friendly users of air horns also have seen them installed in vehicles as a theft deterrent, since they can be heard loudly every time an attempted theft is made. We installed the Kleinn Air Horns HK9 Slimline Universal System several years ago and had excellent results with it being used as a warning device (in parking lots when cars are backing blindly into traffic lanes, etc.). The metal materials are recommended too, due to their more authentic sound, although not quite as loud as some other airhorns on the market.


If you are ahead of the curve and have already got an airplane horn, but are not completely sold on its head-turning abilities, the PSI (pounds per square inch) of your air compressor and air tank capacity is what makes a louder horn. Building up more air pressure will make a horn louder, and that is best accomplished by purchasing and installing a larger, stronger air compressor. You will want to ensure that the horn you obtain is louder than the one on your big Semi truck so that others can hear it.

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