How to Choose The Best Car Awnings for You?

Letha Kutch
Letha Kutch Last Updated: Aug 23, 2022


A guide to buying one will ensure that you are getting the most out of your money and buying a proper, high-quality car cover. If you choose a vehicle for providing shade for your car, then the best thing is to follow these useful tips and use them as a guide when making a purchase. When considering the areas that you wish to shade with a car awning, you may find it easier to decide on one of the sizes and designs that you are going to buy.


Whether you are looking at a car, an off-roader, a camper van, or an RV, vehicle dimensions are essential when choosing a proper awning. When shopping for a vehicle sunshade or canopy, it is best to measure your vehicle's height, width, and length thoroughly first. For example, keep in mind that you will have to factor in how deep and long your Awning is, as well as how many degrees of coverage it provides. If you are buying an awning to attach to a car, you must ensure that it is of appropriate length, typically ranging from 6-8 feet.


Side-mounted awnings are typically placed at the longest length on your vehicle, with the longest track mounted on the top rack, where it will serve as a base for all the other components. Side awnings are typically installed with the rail mounted to your roof rack on the passenger side of your vehicle, though it is equally possible to install them on the driver's side, it simply comes down to personal preference. Generally, car or van side awnings are mounted either to the top of or along the side of the vehicle and in some cases, right onto the van's roof racks or railing systems. Depending on who is driving along with you, you may get away with a simple set-up with the wing-mounted awning using the top of the vehicle and a pair of poles for support.


To set up a side awning, you just take the bars off of the front of your roof, take out the legs, and secure the two poles on either side of your awning to provide stability. Be visual and think about what you want to put underneath your side-mounted awning. Just consider how and when you would use side awnings while you are making your decision on what is best for you.


Not only does it keep the rain at bay, but when we are blessed with the occasional hot spell, Side Awnings can also provide a much-welcome bit of shade too. If you are looking to use a vehicle awning as a piece of camping equipment, which will offer protection from natural elements while on a camping adventure, deciding on a roof-mounted vehicle awning may be the best option. With the protection that the best side-mounted car awnings or rear-mounted car awnings offer, you will enjoy more of your camping, glamping, and outdoor experiences -- regardless of weather conditions. That, with the walls, your vehicle becomes a tiny apartment of truly superior comfort, while allowing you to provide more shelter to people than just an awning.

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