How to Choose The Best Car Emblems for You?

Jason Vuic
Jason Vuic Last Updated: Aug 28, 2022


If there are a lot of brands offering similar vehicle logos for varying prices, go for the ones that have good reputations and a high-quality standard. In the design of a car logo, designers and the brand's owners need to select an appropriate icon and automotive symbol that would best represent the brand. Embellished across the front (and back) of one of the most expensive individual purchases we make, the best automotive logos are a badge of pride, while also signaling the quality of the design and engineering. When the automotive logo is widely known and respected, the logo itself serves to entice the automobile customer into driving the manufacturer's vehicle.

Not only is that logo memorable for car buyers around the world, but it also conveys the company's vision and mission. Like a lot of automotive logos, Audi's logo has been updated lately, a re-do, spruced up flat-looking, yet it is still relatable. Today, the Aston Martins logo's straight wings and Aston Martin's name directly front and center make for one of the sleekest logos for the automotive brand of today. The origins of the name are not known, and its logo borrowed the then-popular British Racing Green (BRG) color for its background, with the yellow surrounding it, which is believed to have been the sunnier outlook that Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman had in mind for the car's future.

Today, there are hundreds of working motor companies, each with their own symbol for their cars -- the motor logo, that is why people instantly recognize them by looking at their symbols. Each Car manufacturing company has various different car symbols for various types of cars, and these cars are recognized through their car logos and symbols. With the passage of time, car companies may update and change the designs of their logos. Colors in the logo designs for auto dealers or services related to cars also make them appear attractive.

Car washing services and business logos can also make themselves stand out through their designs, making them easier to identify by symbols like bubbles or waves. In vehicle logos, you may have seen logos that feature shields, diagonal, circle, or pointy lines, or animals like bulls, horses, and a jaguar. The metal, classic look of the logos of Ford or Toyota may be great for the brand that makes cars, but they might get lost in translation when you are talking about tire brands or car comparison websites. Whether you are running a car club, a dealership, or have a custom-built automotive business, your logo is the core of your brand.

Maybe you are in the auto repair business and need a logo that represents the services you offer. Or perhaps you are in the classic car business and need a logo for advertising upcoming shows. If you are looking for logo designs that feel fresh like a new coat of paint over that shiny new car, designing your logo with simplicity in mind may be your best option.

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