How to Choose The Best Cargo Nets for You?

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Lee Iacocca Last Updated: Aug 24, 2022

In this guide on cargo net purchasing, we cover all you need to know to help you pick out the ideal material for a cargo net, for your needs, both for personal and professional use. If you are looking for an affordable way to keep lots of different items secured inside the bed of your pickup truck, and want something that is a bit more durable than our elastic cargo netting, we have got three types of heavy-duty cargo nets for you to choose from. The smallest of our heavy-duty cargo nets for trucks, Custom Cargo Nets feature four slings, which each feature a vinyl S-hook for attaching and 2 cam buckles for keeping them secured. Truck bed cargo nets can also be used on cars to help prevent load shifting into the trunk.


Ideally, a cargo net will be slightly larger than the truck bed, so that it covers cargo while being long and wide enough to reach your truck's tether points. Good faith suggests you want a cargo net that is capable of stretching, particularly if you know that you might have to hold a larger load of cargo in one sitting. You might also consider Rocket Straps Cargo Net, which is highly rated and a sturdy net that can stretch up to double the 4 by 6 dimensions.


The ZOO Cargo Net is also stretchy enough to reach your entire bed width in a truck bed, or whatever area you are planning on using it for. It is even got a cloth cargo net made of a synthetic material called Elastic Polypropylene. It has swivels on all four corners which are used to attach the net to an anchoring point.


Furthermore, it has 6 Cam Buckle tethers which allow the tension on the net to be adjusted depending on cargo size so that it is the perfect fit. The sling keeps things secured while fitting tight to your load. Instead of using multiple jumper cables or slings to hold things, you could just sling a cargo net and tie it down on a flatbed, or the back of the truck.


As mentioned, this cargo net for a truck bed can be used on many vehicles, and therefore, it can be adjusted to accommodate most boot spaces, whether that is in the backseat of a pickup truck or SUV. The amount that it will fit into, say, the bed of a pickup truck is typically the standard size that you will find among the cargo net options. To make sure that Gladiator Cargo Gear is able to accommodate a given load of height evenly, the net is made much larger than the truck's bed.


While not ideal for heavier use, since they are not quite as durable, nor are there many adjustable slings, these nets are perfect for an average user that might only have to carry some items around the city on his or her truck. More expensive cargo nets will also offer a higher-quality selection of metal hooks or carabiners, whereas less expensive nets will usually come with plastic hooks. Most cargo nets will come with either a working load limit (WLL) or ratings, which can help you determine which products might be best for you.


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