How to Choose The Best Door Armor for You?

Letha Kutch
Letha Kutch Last Updated: Aug 27, 2022

We reviewed eight of the best door jamb strengthening kits and safety measures for your doors, helping you find the right product to fit your needs. The best door reinforcement kits should be durable enough to resist high forces, cover any weaknesses in your framing, and are easy to install. Armor Concept's combo set addresses all weak points of your doors and jambs, to ensure that nobody gets in.


Door Security Armor is not only available for individual front entrance doors, Armor Concepts has French Door Reinforcement Kits as well as kits for indoor, secure room doors. Metal-insulated or solid-wood doors would be far more resistant to burglar attacks. Armor Concepts makes a door reinforcer called the Door Armor: it is basically a metal sleeve bolted to a door around the doorknob area and the deadbolt, giving that portion of the door extra strength. This helps to keep a door from breaking off at the doorknob area and being broken by kicks or sledgehammers attacking the door. Door Armor can also be used to temporarily secure a door that has been broken into recently, giving it a bit of extra strength until you can install a new door. As amazing as this sounds, a lot of burglaries occur at homes that are left unlocked.


Door Armor night locks are installed directly to the floor, providing stable security against forced entry. It is perfect to add additional security for double doors, but it is also usable for single doors and sidelight doors. The Door Armor MAX Kit strengthens every weak point of the conventional door and frame, making it an intruder's nightmare.


This Door Armor kit is just as easy to take off as it is to install, but they may not love that you left drilled holes through your front door and frame. I got this Armor Concepts Door Armor Kit, and we will see how easy this is to install.


Made from durable galvanized steel For that 10% of doors that are a little too narrow in their jambs to fit the additional room required by the regular kit, you may want to go with the Armor Concepts PRO Mini Plus Combo Set. The Door Armor Max includes everything needed to strengthen the jamb, the frame, and the door locks of exterior doors on homes.


With all the pros and cons that I mentioned, this post is primarily focused on finding the best door jamb reinforcement, and their door jamb armor set really does an okay job of doing just that. My favorite is their Door Jamb Armor Set, but they recommend having a professional install the product; eliminate it as a do-it-yourself consideration. This tutorial covers adding the armor.

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