How to Choose The Best Hood Ornaments for You?

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Putting a nice bonnet or logo on your vehicle is the best fit, certainly the money-making idea. If you are looking to decorate or enhance your car's appearance, then one of the best hood ornaments of cars is something to choose from. If you are looking for a classic hood ornament to fit on your vehicle, then the iconic Jaguar Growler is an excellent design that can be chosen.

The Jaguar Leaper Hood Ornament is one of the most well-known and longest-lasting hood ornaments you can have installed in your custom-built vehicle as well. The Pierce Arrow Archer one-ups its famed leaper, making the centerpiece of its styled hood feature a man holding a real bow and arrow, pointed directly down to neck-high for anyone who happens to drive past in front of a classic luxury car. Mercedes-Benz Three-Point Star Hood Ornament The Mercedes-Benz is perhaps even more recognizable than RollsRoyce's famous Spirit of Ecstasy, which was seen on the ends of Mercs hoods until recently.

Today, of all of the oldest automotive hood ornaments, only the Spirit of Ecstasy can warrant this kind of night-time flare-up. The correct car hood ornament could induce the Spirit of Ecstasy into its viewers, creating within them a wish to mount it on the vehicle at once. There are few ornaments cleaner than the sleek starship of 57 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman.

Bill Rankin, a hobbyist sculptor who had also worked on the Jaguar, was asked to make an official ornament. A Native American head sculpted in amber acrylic leads the ornament, while the flowing chrome design melds with the bonnet.

Packard used a goddess-of-speed ornament, along with the Pelican emblem, on the bonnets of its cars, representing a woman with outstretched arms holding a tire (see here) and a stylized pelican, respectively. Packard was an American luxury automobile manufacturer who produced cars from 1899-1958, again using the bonnet ornaments to add that touch of exclusivity to their lineup. First introduced in 1938, the Leaper was a result of disapproval from Sir William Lyons over aftermarket bonnet ornaments being placed on an early Jaguar Saloon.

Porsche's distinctive black horse, which was buried within the Swabian-red-and-black bonnet insignia, was intended to refer to the city of Stuttgart's equine mascot. The badge itself is based on Baden Wuerttemberg's ancient coat of arms.

Where the other decorations were modernized, the machine remains beautifully unchanged. A fantastical, Jet Age-inspired machine, a similarly elegant, futuristic ornament is needed. One of the only threatening life-threatening bonnet ornaments that have survived to the current age, this crystallized-now-lady is perfectly placed to grab you as you descend, Gaffe-style, once hurled through the air on the flat, coffin-nosed stern of any modern deluxe Rolls-Royce.

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